About Hollywood East

Hollywood East Studios | Olivia Entertainment

Olivia Entertainment and Hollywood East Studios, is part of a new generation of independent filmmakers, producers and directors who understand that a “smaller” budget can often be an opportunity rather than an obstacle. It is an opportunity to increase productivity and production value through creative thinking, state incentive maximization, union minority discounts, advanced technology, a multi-camera HD shooting style and outreach including film festivals, screenings, workshops and the global reach of the internet.

H.E. and O.E. make films and partners with the community to produce, distribute and market positive urban films about women, families local and global communities. Our mission is driven by our recognition of the beauty and artistry in the urban experience. It is our belief that cinema is powerful enough to mirror this experience to the world.

We also believe that cinema works best when it both teaches and amuses, but misses its mark entirely when it does not entertain.